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What do you think about a flexible CMO you can call on when needed?  

Yes, it's a thing!  A fractional chief marketing officer (CMO) is an experienced marketing executive that functions as part of your leadership team on an as needed basis. Think of it as an alternative staffing solution that allows your company to gain the marketing leadership you need using a structure that delivers lower cost, commitment and risk.  If your organization isn’t quite ready to add a permanent C-Suite marketing role on your team, or maybe the timing isn’t right financially to bring in a high-salaried executive, a Fractional CMO can be a great resource to keep marketing on track and expenses minimized while maximizing your return on investment.  With minimal hours per week or month, a talented CMO can strengthen an organization that has never had one before.  


Top 5 Signs A Fractional CMO is Right For You:

  1. Your company doesn’t have a full-time marketing leader, or you have a temporary gap in leadership and need an interim leader or advisor
  2. The marketing budget is limited, so the investments need to work really hard
  3. You have internal marketing resources that handle tactical execution, but strategic oversight and brand stewardship is missing
  4. You have a strategic initiative that you’re interested in exploring, but can’t afford to pull resources from their day-to-day responsibilities prematurely
  5. Your organization lacks marketing insights that inform executive decisions


BONUS: Your company lacks strategic thought leadership for communicating and marketing to diverse or multi-cultural audiences.


Bottom-line, we’ll partner with you to craft a solution that uniquely fits your situation and needs!  Small companies deserve executive-level expertise.  Let's get started! 


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